About Me

Venus currently services Miami-Dade and Broward county areas in a dual capacity. As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner; Education, therapy, individual assessments, medication management and treatment of patients with substance and mental illness is her focus. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, the assessment of children, adolescent, and adults with physical and mental health issues is a part of her daily task. In this role she is responsible for basic adult assessments, well child checks, medication management, health education, surgical referrals and education. Venus is an advocate of continuing education. She has served as an Adjunct clinical Professor at Miami Dade and Florida International University’s Nursing Program for over ten years. Recently, she has begun private consultations, group therapy, couples therapy, conflict resolution and relationship building services. VM Mental Wellness Consulting Firm, LLC is in the process of opening a satellite clinic as well as home clinic to allow patients to have access to a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner remotely.

Venus has a passion for helping children, adolescents, men and women to become and/or remain healthy, both physically and mentally. As a Nurse Practitioner, she is responsible for leading individual and group therapy sessions that highlight, educate, empower and promote mental and physical wellness. Each session uses different therapeutic tools to assist in a successful healthy mental and physical life style. Venus deals with the tough topics to empower individuals to confront multiple issues. This can include trauma, substance abuse, mental illness disorders, physical disparities, domestic violence, and all forms of abuse(physical, mental and sexual).

Venus has spoken at colleges such as Florida international and Florida Memorial University. She frequently holds seminars at multiple substance abuse centers. Venus has also written for several magazines and been featured in the local newspapers with radio show involvement.

As Venus began to learn more about trauma and its effects, she became empowered to inform others concerning tools for victory. She vowed to give back to others and this nation, so that they can be successful in spite of any life situation. Venus brings awareness to many issues that are hidden and difficult to address. She stands strong and believes that mental and physical wellness is attainable if addressed properly. Awareness is powerful to help decrease a worldwide epidemic. “STOP THE VIOLENCE NOW- “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING” is a campaign that is purposed to bring awareness to this national epidemic.

Venus has a purpose to empower the nation to make heathier choices physically, mentally, educationally, spiritually and socially. She believes in total wellness and dealing with the whole person. Addressing the tough hidden topics of domestic violence, trauma and abuse is needed. Venus knows personally the long term affects trauma as her mother loss her life due to domestic violence at the hands of her own father when she was just 5 years old. This trauma would expose her and her siblings to a life full of difficult twist and turns that would affect adulthood.

Today, Venus stands as an advocate with a voice and a message that demands attention to this serious matter. After a long process she is now Healed, delivered with tools to assist others to be set free. She has had a life

time experience of personal failures: including poor and failed relationship that included divorces and financial ruins. Today she is able to empower others to have a voice to live and walk in victory as a HEALED vessel. Venus is a Motivational Speaker. Her platform is called “Time to Talk for Real”. This forum is focused on how it’s Time to break the silence and deal with the core issues (hurt/pain) that infect the mind and manifest emotionally and physically. Venus also created the HEART-MIND-BODY-SOUL CONNECTION MODEL. This is a hands on interactive model that helps individuals dig deep to the core issue. This model allows them to write, express and face difficult issues. Once the issue is out the next step is applying healthy solutions that rendered positive out comes. Every step in the workbook is individual and each process is different.

Venus is currently in the final process of releasing her personal story from hurting to healing. The Book is about what a child experiences after trauma, domestic violence and abuse. The name of the book is called “STOP, “If you see something say something”. Venus is also the author of a workbook “HEALED”. This workbook is about the process of getting through life after trauma and reaching stability. Venus is the co-author of two upcoming books due to be released this year. Wounds to Wisdom that shares the story of 12 individuals that have survived domestic violence, including the children and what they experienced. The second co-authored book is His grace is sufficient. “He turned my mess into a message”. This book also has multiple authors writing about trauma and triumph. Venus also does Workshops/Seminars for all ages, that involves mental and physical wellness techniques to empower others to change, walk in success and be victorious over any obstacle that life has dealt them. Venus miller a motivational speaker, founder and CEO of “Time To Talk For Real”, CEO and founder of VM Mental Wellness Consulting Firm, CEO and founder of Body BY Venus (BBV), President of Black Nurse Rock Miami, Dual Diagnosed Substance Abuse Group Facilitator and Group Facilitator for Veterans- Post 29. She is actively involved in bringing awareness to schools, churches, communities and professional establishments. Venus is an advocate for counseling for the individual and the family in distress. She believes it is time to move in realness so REAL CHANGES will manifest. Venus next move include personal radio show and a live Podcast. This platform is an avenue for continued discussion to the above tough topics. Real Talk, Real People, Real Issues and Real Solutions. It’s not only time to talk for real. It’s time to talk for real and HEAL!